Seclusion Data – Dark Poetry Book

Seclusion Data is a NZ dark poetry book containing 36 original poems in three sections. It was published in 2010 by Third Eye Novelty Editions in Wellington. The book was designed by Michael Christoffel at Whirlwind, and printed at Astra Print by Christine Borra.

Sample poem


The road from innocence to self-knowledge, symbolised by angels and insects in sombre, expressive colours flying behind the middle class vampire circus, plunges into the languid mayhem of a contemporary marriage.

Waxing legs for fast cash: her husband didn’t even know. We never told him.

Marbled with cannibalism and graphic anxiety, the pathologies of intimacy depend on a strange, touching resonance.

While they ride the lonely streets, the protagonists of this bittersweet autopsy will be unrivalled in their ardour.


seclusion data poetry bookPreview and buy your Kindle copy of the e-book of Seclusion Data on Amazon. Alex has copies of the printed A5 softcover book available – get in touch if you’d like to purchase one.

The book formed the basis of a series of live performances, and a music and poetry album, available for preview and purchase on Bandcamp. Find out more about the book.