Paper Road – Dystopian Surrealist Poems

paper road alex staines for sale dystopian poems

Alex has completed composing the poems for the third collection in his Archons trilogy, which began with Seclusion Data, and continued with Time of the Archons. The book is titled Paper Road, and contains 36 dystopian surrealist poems, divided into three sections, in keeping with the structure of the two previous books. The three sections … Read more

Seclusion Data – Carnivalesque Poetry Book

seclusion data dark poetry book

Seclusion Data is a carnivalesque poetry book containing 36 original poems in three sections. It was published in 2010 by Third Eye Novelty Editions in Wellington, New Zealand. The book was designed by Michael Christoffel at Whirlwind, and printed at Astra Print by Christine Borra. Sample poem MARRIAGE AUTOPSY The road from innocence to self-knowledge, … Read more

Bureaucratic Reassemblage – Foreword to Seclusion Data

foreword seclusion data

Seclusion Data marks a significant departure from my two earlier books, in structure, manner of composition, subject matter, and tone. Whereas previous works (Warning, with Mike Eager in 1990, and The Slow Road to Gore, 2003, and second edition in 2010) reflected my preoccupation with a punk ethos, dionysian revelry, and live performance, Seclusion Data … Read more