Seclusion Data – Poetry & Music Album

Composer and keyboardist Steve Wolf, collaborated with guitarist Guy MacGibbon to create a musical “soundtrack” in 2010, based on poems published in my book, Seclusion Data.

It was primarily used, sans vocals, as a backing for a series of live performances in Wellington in 2010 to launch the book.

The first version of the full album had limited distribution, as the vocal that was recorded was not of broadcast quality.

I worked with sound engineer Brad Jenkins in 2016 to re-record the vocals for the musical tracks, then Brad remastered and remixed the album to produce the current version.

I recorded the new vocals on an analog Sony voice recorder, which also picked up ambient sounds such as sausages frying on a stove. The vocal tracks were played back through a microphone during remastering to give a “crackly” effect. I got this idea from Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnakh), who used the cheapest recording equipment available to produce the “necro sound” that features in music by his black metal project, Burzum.

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The album Seclusion Data – Poetry & Music (2016) is available for download on Bandcamp.