Paper Road Laments (poetry book in preparation)

Alex is currently working on poems for the third collection in the Archons trilogy. The book is titled Paper Road Laments, and contains 36 lyrical poems on dystopian themes, laced with dark romanticism.

The structure is similar to the previous two poetry books in the series, Seclusion Data, and Time of the Archons.

The poems, based on the 12-syllable Alexandrine line, are divided into three sections, provisionally titled Destruction Gully, Mount Ruination, and The Vale of Dread.

The book revisits the travelogue idea that was at the core of The Slow Road to Gore, though the tone is considerably darker, and philosophical rather than geographical.


The composition of the book version of Paper Road Laments is proceeding, based on the modified cut-up technique that emerged with Seclusion Data, and which was refined in the production of Time of the Archons.

Although, some of the poems in Paper Road Laments have emerged from incubation without recourse to this method. They have been arriving fully formed. The Muse has her ways!

Sample poem


Exhausted from combat with the delusion, they
stared across the fish factory roofs. Someone said:
“We were together for three years, yet now if you
passed close to me, I would hardly even notice.”

Drawn through the eye of a mustard seed, splinters
and pulp of the spaghettified foundling, clag
on her mirror. Insouciance is evidence
of mastery; it’s the jejune who fly from themselves,

inventing permanence where there is only mystery –
febrile, deliquescent. Hades! Hades!
The collapsing star shrugs off its radiant cloak.
Another one said: “I foresaw the outcome of being

so injudicious, and risked everything
for you.” Disenchanted, they will yet know gentler
sorrows, the way moonlight falls on a broken cypress.


Once completed, Alex is planning to offer the publication as an e-book on Amazon Kindle, alongside three previous titles.